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Tract distribution stopped, Pastor warned by Police, Gujarat


Pastor Rajnikant Parmar is a passionate Christian who eagerly shares the Gospel of Jesus Christ from door to door and in public places. He lives in a village called Vaso under the Nadiad Taluka situated in the Kheda District of the state of Gujarat, India.

Back in 2015, being an alcoholic, drug addict and gambler, Pastor Rajnikant powerfully met with Jesus Christ and was delivered from these vices. Since then he has been boldly and proactively sharing his testimony and the Gospel of Christ. Whenever he gets an opportunity he begins sharing the same greatness and joy of the Lord that he has experienced in his life with others.

Pastor Rajnikant recently called the Persecution Relief Toll Free No 1800-1234-461 informing us about a challenging situation that he was facing.

On 3/11/19 he received a call from the police summoning him to the Limbos Police station. When he asked why, they did not give him a reason and insisted that he come, so he went there. Once he reached, the officer showed him a Bible tract saying, “Is this yours ? Is your name printed on this ? Is this your mobile no ?? Recognizing the tract, the Pastor immediately replied, “yes”.

The policeman whose name is still unknown to the Pastor said, “Why are you converting people by distributing this tract? we have received a complaint from Mr.Ratan Singh about you!” Finding an opportunity, Pastor Rajnikant begun to share his testimony. He shared his faith and desire of seeing people saved by believing in Jesus and being delivered from all evil.

The Policeman seeming interested in what the Pastor was saying begun sharing about his son who is also an alcoholic and asked the pastor if he could pray for him. The pastor said yes by even agreeing to come to his house and pray, but the policeman declined and said, “just pray.”

He then asked the Pastor to wait so that he could meet the officer who was on his way there. The pastor agreed. After a while the same policeman called the Pastor and handed him a letter. In it was mentioned everything that the Pastor had told him. “He then asked me to sign it but I refused” said the Pastor.

The Policemen did not insist and after awhile allowed the Pastor to go because the officer was going to be late. “But don’t distribute the tracts again!” were his final words before the Pastor left.

Just a few months back while the Pastor was sharing the Gospel at Taluk Marat, he was forced to stop preaching by a few fanatics.

The Constitution of India gives one the right and freedom to practice ones religion in an orderly fashion. But in most parts of India, the religious fanatics are deviously vigilant and are not ashamed to take the law in their hands. Playing parallel with them are the police who chose to side the fanatics by being silent spectators.

Law and order is deteriorating to an all time low. As this story comes to light, let it move and lead us to pray for the Police force and the judicial system in India.

Persecution Relief has recorded 330 incidents of hate crime against Christians in 2016, 440 incidents in 2017, 477 incidents in 2018 and till September 2019 we have recorded 349 incidents of Christian Persecution against Christians in India.

Persecution Relief is an interdenominational initiative, providing comprehensive support (Prayerfully, Financially, Politically, Judicially) to the persecuted Church in India. Established in 2015, God has enabled us to serve more than 800 persecuted Christians and recorded more than 1,200 cases. We partner with more than 20,000 Churches in India.

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