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Pr. James Chacko. Ph.D Senior pastor, LifeBridge

From its humble beginning at the house of Pastor James & Usha Chacko with 9 people on January 9, 2009 and later on its public launch on August 9, 2009, LifeBridge today have grown to become a strong and growing community of believers of Jesus Christ. Located at the heart of the Chandigarh, popularly known as “City Beautiful” is a gateway to North West India. We are a multiethnic and international Pentecostal community that is reaching out with the gospel of Jesus Christ to see individual lives transformed to serve God’s purposes on this earth.

We are one of the first church to launch an exclusive English and exclusive service in Hindi service in the city of Chandigarh. Our congregation is predominantly made up of young people. We have a special passion and focus on deep engagement with God and seeking His face through prayer and worship. Our Sunday teachings are messages that are relevant and inspiring to the needs of our present life. Our Youth & Young Adults gatherings are impacting several dozens of young people with the message of hope. During this lockdown we have taken our services online. God has opened up many more lives to hear the gospel through this digital platform. We are hopeful to have our regular on-site worship soon and during this interim time, we are preparing and positioning ourselves for the future.

Due to the lock down we were unable to host a grand celebration of our anniversary which we have done every year. And so, we are inviting you to join us to celebrate and thank God for His faithfulness to us from 200 9 – 2020. The music video “Aasheervaad” (The Blessing) in Hindi was translated by our worship Pastor Dibow Chawang and brought you through 25 worshippers from around the world. Please watch this video, click the like button and subscribe to our YouTube channel for past messages, worship songs and to get notified of future posts. Click on the link below: https://youtu.be/8Bux0UYGiY0

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